Phase 1

*DANCERS rehearse with VIDEOGRAPHERS on set. 

*The VIDEOGRAPHERS work feverishly to capture the shots needed.

*EDITORS put together rough edit for the FILM COMPOSER. 

*PROP MANAGER designs props/SEAMSTRESS designs the costumes.

*The CHOREOGRAPHER works with the DANCERS in a rehearsal space. 

*PRODUCER secure film locations/film permits.

​​​​​​​​Dancing 4 Change ™


*A foundation/charity requests a video.

*The CHOREOGRAPHER designs a concept/creates movement to best suit the needs of the video. 

*We audition/cast the DANCERS needed. 

*The FILM ​COMPOSER arranges the music.

*EDITORS arrange a final draft of the film using the original music made by the FILM COMPOSER.

*Organize a FILM PREMIERE/donate the money to the original foundation/charity the film was created for.

Donate today. Help us produce videos to raise awareness for charities in need.

How we operate...

Phase 2

Phase 3

​Phase 4

​​​​​​​"Raising Awareness one DANCE STEP at a time"


 Dancing 4 Change is a group of artists working together to create thought provoking dance videos to help raise awareness for charitable organizations around the world. Visual arts has the potential to open hearts, change minds and bring people together. We are passionate about helping others. If you are a foundation in need of help, contact us. Together we can make a difference.